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Welcome to my newly designed home page. I use this location to post:

  • Travel Photos - starting with my trip to Southeast Asia in August 2006

  • My Family Tree - I recently resumed my study of genealogy. There is information here about numerous families: Adams, Bailey, Crowder, deMeza, Harrigan, Lewis, Peplinski, Reichwein, Sorensen. At last count, there were 142 living people in this database, and 283 dead. Please note that this "public" version of the tree does not contain information about living individuals. If you are related to me and need information about living individuals, please contact me directly. I have also added the complete text of Bill deMeza's family history Sam, Harry & The Begats, as well as a chapter about Soren "Sam" Adams from Maurice Zolotow's Classic 1952 It Takes All Kinds

If you need to contact me, my e-mail address is:

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