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Indonesia 2006

My August 2006 vacation took me to Southeast Asia - Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and very briefly, Taiwan. Most of the pictures here were taken with my new Canon digital camera, however, there were a few instances where I either forgot my memory card, or just didn't feel my pictures were that great, so I stole the images from other traveler's websites.

After arriving in Jakarta, we set out for the Puncak - the mountains between Jakarta and Bandung. Our first stop was Taman Safari, a popular Indonesian Safari Park.

Taman Safari was home to a vast array of species of Deer, Giraffes, Zebras, Elephants, Water Buffalos, Llamas, Hippopotomi, Monkeys, Baboons, Orangutans, Crocodiles, Lions, Tigers and Bears. Many of the animals wandered in the roads and there was little to separate them from your car ...

except for the ostriches, I guess they are no match for an SUV.

These hippopotomi didn't seem to mind being in a safari park - just along as they can get a good 23.75 hours of sleep per day.

Indonesian is a remarkably efficient language. "Tutup Kaca" means both "Stay in Your Car!" and "Don't feed the Pussycats".

The mother of this orangutan was unable to nurse him so he is kept in a special area of the park. This 2-month old orangutan really needed to wrap his arms around someone, and Stephanie, was only too glad to help out.

This restaurant Rindu Alam sits near an entrance to a high mountain pass and has a panoramic view of the tea plantations, and the city of Bogor in the far distance.

No matter where you travel in Indonesia, you will always find numerous eating establishments, and for less than $1.00 US you can have a tasty and filling meal. Many restaurants are merely carts, with a tent, as in the case of this fine establishment where we had a filling Satay meal (8 skewers of Chicken Satay, about US $0.75). The owner of this establishment was only open in the evening, as during the day, she was busy raising the chickens she would cook in the evening.

The view from our hotel in Puncak Pass.

Tangkuban Perahu is a semi-active volcano near Bandung which last erupted in 1983. You can walk around the rim, which is 6,800 feet above sea level. This pictures are not mine - on the day we were there, it was a bit more overcast, however, there was quite a bit of sulphurous smoke eminating from the caldera.

Unfortunately, the next several days ellapsed without photographs. In the parking lot of Tankuban Perahu, we purchased some berries from a vendor. Let me guessed that they were washed, and not in treated water. Perhaps, a got a virus from the berries, perhaps from some other place. After three days of battling the infection, I decided to go to a doctor. Since this was on a Sunday, this meant the emergency room of a hospital. I have to say that it was the best hospital trip in my life. The hospital was clean and modern, from walking in the door, it took about 30 seconds to get a bed and another 30 seconds before the first nurse came in. The doctor was there in about five minutes. The cost of the visit, including medications was about US $25.

Finally, I was well enough to take a tour of the Kawai piano factory - unfortunately, photograph was not allowed of this impressive facility. In the end, we did get a shot with Mr. Yamamoto, the manager of the plant.

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